Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, and Free Range Pastured Eggs

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

We have been raising vegetables and small fruits on our family farm operation for the past 12 years. Every year we have expanded our produce production here at the farm, we are now raising between 20-25 acres of produce. We use a combination of growing practices such as, natural, sustainable, and some conventional approaches. In Kentucky, we have a long and plentiful growing season, which allows us to raise a variety of produce as the weather changes. From the early spring till the late fall we are planting, growing and harvesting our produce. Our farm has become known for its great tasting, high quality produce at several markets, especially our heirloom tomatoes!

Produce we raise:

You can purchase our produce from local farmer’s markets we attend, through our CSA Program, and from the farm. Our Farm Store is open with Spring Hours currently, Tuesday Thru Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4 – Closed Sundays & Mondays! .We also sell wholesale to restaurant, retailers, and restaurant suppliers.

Fresh eggs

Here at Triple J Farm we have been raising laying hens for 10 years now. Every year we have expanded our production. We are now raising over 500 happy, healthy laying hens. Our hens are free range and they are ASH Free. (No antibiotics, no steroids, no hormones.) They enjoy their days roaming about the farm, scratching through pasture and dirt, eating whatever they dig up. In return, we gather beautiful, large fresh brown and blue eggs daily. You can purchase our farm fresh eggs through local farmer’s market, our CSA program and from our farmhouse, kitchen, open seasonally.